Children's Party 2 in 1

Children's Party 2 in 1

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    DJ - Animator for Children's Party

    Party for children age 7 to 11

    This kind of party is aimed at children of younger age for whom the presence of a DJ that only plays music is not enough for the entertainment of our little friends. This happens because their young age and their dancing and music knowledge doesn't allow them to focus 100% on a music program. The choices in this case are two: Either hire an animator who will take care of children's entertainment or the ideal option of hiring an animator and a DJ but raises the party budget. We, through our yearlong experience on children events, created for you a 2 in 1 package.


    What we offer:

    As with all our parties, the audio and lighting equipment which will give you the right ambience, is included. The difference is that the DJ uses a microphone to encourage children and motivate them to play music-kinetic games like: Dance Contest, Music Chairs, Singing Contest and other games that gather their interest and help with their entertainment. The 2 in 1 children party has a duration of 3 hours. You can check our prices here.


    Extra services:

    For this package it is recommended a Karaoke program addition projected on TV or projector screen where the children can take the microphone and sing their favorite songs and/or Just Dance program where they perform choreographies of popular songs by seeing the moves projected on TV or screen.



    Due to the limited number of DJs able to provide animator services there may often be no availability!

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