GOLD wedding event

GOLD wedding event

    The Wedding Djs perfectionists

    Gold Wedding Event:

    Your Wedding Day is approaching and you are preparing to enjoy one of the most important and beautiful moments of your life! The night of the party everything has to be perfect without any limitations! The Gold Wedding Event package has everything needed to make a wedding event spectacular as it is composed from a sum of services and equipment of high quality and aesthetics.

    Let's get the party started:

    Two of our best and most experienced DJs will play for you all your favorite dance and music hits, according to your preference of style and genre. Our ability to analyze and foresee the soundtrack needed by every moment of your wedding party, through our music knowledge and selections, will keep the mood of your guests sky high!

    Being a part of the Decoration:

    The place of the Wedding Reception has been decorated, following your personal style, making real the moment you've been dreaming of. The audio installation of a DJ in a wedding party is perhaps the only bad-looking part of the event. Cables hanging from the DJ's table and loudspeakers on black tripods are usually in dissonance with the decorations. In our Gold Package this is prevented. We use every means that will make our presence discreet and elegant, so that we can be part of the whole decoration you have painstakingly taken care of. By visiting the place and studying its needs, we propose solutions for the placement of our equipment, following the layout and decoration. The Dj is placed behind a specially designed backlit DJ booth that discreetly covers his equipment. We use white fabric covering the tripods of the peripheral speakers, giving them a pyramid look and neatly hiding the cables inside. These covers are then internally illuminated by synchronized lights, matching the colors of your choice. But we do not stop there! We further contribute to the decoration of the place with architectural lighting, by coloring any spots that can highlight the decoration image e.g. palm trees, white walls or gazeboes.


    LED effect lights, moving heads and laser effects, programmed especially for your event, create the right ambience on the dance floor for a unique party and non-stop dancing! During your entrance and your first dance, follow spot lights will keep you at the center of attention. For our lighting equipment we use trusses covered with white cloth, illuminated internally, discreetly hiding all the cables and maintaining the decoration image.

    Audio Equipment:

    Latest technology audio equipment, positioned on the dance floor and circumferentially to ensure a uniform volume distribution. Subwoofer speakers that give volume and quality to the sound without having to hear distorted sound from excessive speaker volume.

    Special Effects:

    For your first dance, a dry ice machine will create a thick white cloud, covering the whole dance floor. Combined with the lighting, this will create a unforgettable heavenly image! Also a Gobo Projector will project your names or your initials on the dance floor, or at another visible spot with the font of your choice!


    Smoke-free, flameless spark fountains combined with the right song will make your entrance or the moment of the wedding cake, even more spectacular! For your grand moment, a show of aerial fireworks will paint the sky for you!


    A projector will be playing a slideshow of your favorite moments, edited by us!

    Ofcourse you can make many changes and interventions to end up with the desired result!

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